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Curriculum Vitae

Choreographic works

- Gerhard Richter, une pièce pour le theéâtre, premiere Kunstenfestival 2017

- Natten, full-evening choreography, premiere Kunstenfestival 2016

- The Planet, Late at Night, premiere Henry Art Gallery Seattle, 2016

- Digital Technology, premiere Gessnerallé Zurich, 2016

- The Planet, full-evening choreography for Impulstanz, 2015

- The Internet, full-evening choreography for Supportico Lopez, 2015

- The Nature FR, full-night choreography for Santarcangelo Festival, 2014

- La Substance, but in English, full-evening choreography commissioned by MoMA PS1, 2014

- The Ocean, full-evening choreograph, 2013

- The Nature Redux, full-evening choreography (refixed), 2013

- The Nature, full-evening choreography, 2013

- Jessica, full-evening choreography for PARTS, 2012

- The Beach, full-evening choreography for Impulstanz, 2012

- Epic, full-evening choreography, 2012

- Burn Your Boats, full evening scenic-narration with Kroot Juurak, 2010

- Ride The Wave Dude, full evening choreography with Kroot Juurak, 2010

- DARK, full evening choreography, 2009

- Slowfall, full-evening choreography, 2008

- Pure Nature, 35 minutes choreography for 7 dancers, commissioned by Impulstanz, 2006

- After Sade, full-evening choreography/concert

- Heja Sverige, full-length solo choreography based on a series of Swedish folkdances, 2005

- Unititled, full-evening choreography for three peformers and five full-size puppets, with Xavier Le Roy, Berlin, 2005

- Version Original Sous Titre, 45 minutes choreography for 12 dancers, commissioned by P.A.R.T.S., 2004

- Powered by Emotion, full-evening solo choreography, 2003

- Artists’-Talk, full-length theatre dialogue (with Tor Lindstrand), 2002

- Break Intermission Before and After, 35 minutes ballet for 20 dancers, commissioned by Frankfurt Ballet and William Foresythye, 2002

- All All Over Over All All, full-length choreography with an 18 minutes venue specific high-resolution computer animation (with Tor Lindstrand), 2002

- Sometimes It Looks Like a Stage Performance, full-length choreography/theatre play, adaptation of the film “The French Lieutenants Woman”, 2001

- Plosion, full-length solo choreography/monologue, 2001

- Recent Works, full-length duo choreography/lecture performance, 2000

- Avantgarde, full-length choreography for 7 dancers, 1999

Solo Exhibitions

- The Kitchen Has No Flow, Neuer Kunstverein Giessen, 2016

Group Exhibitions

- Six Weeks, In Time, Henry Art Gallery Seattle, 2016

Works with International Festival

International Festival is a collaboration between Mårten Spångberg and the architect Tor Lindstrand initiated 2004, that research and produce in zones between choreography and architecture, the spatial and temporal expanding the possibility for respective expressions on structural levels. International Festival is an open collaborative platform questioning notions of authorship, ownership, modes of distribution and the economies of the circulation of art and its producers.

- Sing This At Home (See What Happens), installation/political manifestation for a closed commercial gallery, commissioned by Elaine Levy Gallery, Brussels, 2009

- Start Me Up, large-scale installation multi-activity space for community activity, commissioned by P. Görschlüter, in the frame of the exhibition “5th Floor, Activating Space”, Tate Liverpool, 2008

- I Promise It’s Gonna Be Fine, performed installation, adaptation of J.L. Godard’s “Sympathy For The Devil” (1968) for a commercial gallery, Elaine Levy Projects, Brussels, 2008

- Everything Turns To Gold, performed installation and publication of an 800 pages book created during one day, Swedish Day of Architecture, Stockholm, 2008

- It’s Only Rock n’ Roll (But I like It), installation, commissioned by Venice Biennale for Architecture, Venice, 2008

- SWEAT The Movie, full-length feature film telling the story of twelve young choreographers, commissioned by Impulstanz, Wien, 2008

- Sherlock Holmes and His Friends, three part installation consisting of a book, a ball ocean and a answering machine message, Gallery A Brändström, Stockholm, 2008

- CAPITALISM: All or Nothing, performed installation, commissioned by E. Gadolfo, Netherlands Architect Institute, Rotterdam, 2008

- CAPITALISM: Bring It On Again!, performed installation, commissioned by VOLTA 08, New York, 2008

- International Festival: Son Of Man, installation, Fruit and
Flower Deli, New York, 2007

- International Festival: On The Town, full-length feature film, adaptation of S. Donen’s “On The Town” (1947), commissioned by Rose Lee Goldberg Performa 07, New York, 2007

- The Theatre, a fully functioning theatre building with 180 seats, including all necessary facilities such as restaurant, dressing rooms, box office etc, commissioned by Steirischer Herbst, 2007

- my Market, one days open air market installation with 120 performers, commissioned by Dorothea von Hantelmann, House of World Culture Berlin, 2007

- CAPITALISM: All Or Nothing, performed installation for Art Brussels, commissioned by European Kunsthalle, 2007

- CAPITALISM: Bring It On!, three part installation consisting of a building sign, a book and a group of cheerleaders (19 dancers), commissioned by European Kunsthalle Cologne, 2007

- The Kitchen, a temporary installation in the shape of a fully functioning over sized kitchen, commissioned by Dorothea van Hantelmann, my House at House of World Culture, Berlin, 2006

- International Festival University, a temporary university functioning over 16 weeks in the frame of the exhibition Academy: Learning From The Museum, commissioned by Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, 2006

- Taxinge Piazza, a public art project, design and realization of the public square in the suburb Tensta, Stockholm, 2006

- The Plastic Bag, choreographic score in the shape of 25.000 plastic bags distributed to 50 theatres in Europe and USA, 2005

- International Festival Broadcasting Network, temporary news-producing television program/station, producing and broadcasting 12 minutes of informatic television daily broadcasted to 560.000 households in the area of Tarfia (Spain), Borderline Academy 2005, Munich/Tarfia, 2005

- The Perfume, a choreographic score in the shape of a specially designed perfume, commissioned by Kaai Theater Brussels, 2005

- The Welcome Package, 206 unique choreographic scores in the form of welcome packages, commissioned by Tanz im August Berlin, 2004


- It Happened The Day Before Tomorrow, 2003 (4.33)

- The Corridore, 2005 (8.45)

- Comrades, 2006 (13.20)

- International Festival: On The Town, 2007 (98.29)

- SWEAT The Movie, 2008 (94.30)

Publications, Editor

- Natten, 2016

- The Swedish Dance History, 2012

- Spangbergianism, 2011

- The Swedish Dance History, 2011

- The Swedish Dance History, INPEX, 2010

- The Swedish Dance History, INPEX, 2009

- Everything Turns To Gold, International Festival, 2008

- Sherlock Holmes and His Friends, International Festival, 2008

- The Theatre, International Festival, Steirischer Herbst, 2007

- CAPITALISM, Bring It On, International Festival, European
Kunsthalle, 2007

- Why Book Now, P.A.R.T.S. Brussels, 2006

- Academy, Learning From The Museum, Van Abbe Museum, 2006

- The Adventure, Impulstanz, 2006

- Sex and The City, International Festival, 2006

- Jeff Wall, Tensta Konsthall 2, International Festival, 2005

- Reversed Engineering, Education in performance, B-books, with
U. Melzwig, 2005

- Derrida: Theatre of Cruelty and The Closure of Representation, Extra Clear Power, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, 2003

- Aristotle’s Poetic, Extra Clear Power, Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, 2003

- CAPITALS, Gulbenkian Foundation, with M. de Assis, 2003

- International Summer Academy Frankfurt 2002, with F. Malzacher, 2002

Teaching experiences

I have been engaged in teaching and guided learning situations since 1999, and has made it a strong part of my practice. I have experiences from both theoretical and practical teaching situations from both conventional modes of teaching to lateral and collaborative models of knowledge production.

Listed are teaching experiences of more significant character, with courses of 80 hours or more.

- Program for Choreography, Univ. College of Dance Stockholm, prefect, 2008-2009

- National Univ. of Arts Buenos Aires, 2009

- Impulstanz, Choreographer’s Venture, 2006 - 2008

- Centre Choregraphique Montpellier,, workshop lecturer choreography/creation, 2007 – 2008

- Inst. for Dramaturgy Univ. of Zagreb, lecturer, 2007

- Univ. Collage for Theatre Stockholm, dept. for mime, lecturer, 2005

- P.A.R.T.S. senior lecturer dramaturgy, 2001 – 2006

- Art Academy Maastricht, lecturer, 2002

- Inst. for applied theatre studies Univ. of Giessen, Guest professor, 2000 – 2001

Workshop and lectures is various contexts, festivals, museums, universities: Architectural Association London, Royal Inst. of Technology Stockholm, St Martins School of Arts, Liverpool Univ. dept. for Architecture, Performa, Movement Research, Inpresentables, Univ. of Antwerp, Maska Ljubljana,

Curtatorial Experiencs - Festivals and Events

- PAF Spring Meetings, 2009 - 2015

- Choreography as Extended Practice, Barcelona, 2012

- Panacea 2005, Dansens Hus, Stockholm, 2005

- V International Summer Academy Mousonturm, with F. Malzacher, 2004

- Panacea 2004, Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm, 2004

- CAPTIALS, Dance/Theatre Season and Festival, Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, 2002 and 2003

- IV International Summer Academy Mousonsturm, with C. Peters, Frankfurt, 2002

- Panacea: I Never Let You Go, with Siemens Kulturprogramm, Stockholm, 2001

- Panacea 1999, Kulturhuset Stockholm, 1999

- Body Currency, Wiener Festwochen, with Hortensia Völkers, 1998

- Panacea 1998, Stockholm Cultural Capital 1998

- Uthärda, Performance Festival, Kulturhuset Stockholm, 1996


- 9x9, full-length choreography for 81 amateur performers created in collaboration with Christine De Smedt, 17 different versions created between 2000-2005, Les Ballets C de la B, Gent, 2000-2005

Performer and collaborator with: Xavier Le Roy (97-08), Christine de Smedt/Les Ballets C de la B (99-04), Tom Plischke (00), Lynda Gaudreau (05), Tino Sehgal (99-07)

Dramaturgy: Ina Christel Johannesen (96), Ingun Björnsgaard (98), Angela Guerrero (97-98), Dennis O’Connor (99), Tim Feldman (99), Christine de Smedt/Les Ballets C de la B (99-04), Mette Edvardsen (03)

Performances with performance collective Den Danske Kongungen/Fame International (initiated by Mårten Spångberg) 1994-2004: Biathanatos Kvartett (94), Ortopaedisk Julie (95), Baffles (96), Beautiful (97), A Swedish View On American Failure (98), Nature (99)


- Academic studies in musicology, theatre/dance science, aesthetics and science of research. Since September 2008 PhD student shared by Univ. College of Dance Stockholm and Royal Inst. of Technology dept. for architecture.

- Music studies at Framnäs Folkhögskola (clarinet), 1985-1987

- Research assistant for Prof. Karin Harms-Ringdahl, Inst. for Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine, Karolinska Institute, 1992-1996

- Dance and performance critic/writer for daily newspapers 2002 – 2007 (Aftonblandet and Dagens Nyheter), numerous essays and accidental texts in magazines, catalogues and books such as: Ballet International, ETC, Maska, Fraksija, Janus, Walking Theory, Performance Research, Art Press, Danstidningen, Visslingar och Rop, Site, A Prior, Dokumenta etc.

Published in: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, German, English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean,