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With and by: Mårten Spångberg
Rehearsal director: Sidney Barnes
AI and programming: Heiko Göltzer

If abstract things can exist such as a rumour a jpeg stored on a hard drive the Hindu goddess Parvati or the nothingness in a half empty bottle. What says that dance can not exist generate some form of autonomy or simply a life of its own?

46 is an ongoing research into the autonomous existence of dance expressed as a series of performances where dancing is a means of forming bonds with dance. To dance or be danced by a dance that has its own existence implies to grant dance agency. To approach or care for such a dance requires a new mind-set and opens for the possibility for altered forms of experience.

46 is presented in parks nature or in semi-public spaces such as churches museums and libraries. Inspired by contemporary materialism quantum-physics emoji aesthetics AI and urban-dance 46 aims undermine dominant modes of composition and formations of representation aiming at producing places for the possibility of shared practices to emerge.

The material in 46 was developed by the performers in Mårten Spångberg later work from “The Internet” to “Culture”. Thanks to Tamara Alegre Simon Asencio Sidney Barnes Liza Baliasnaja Linda Blomqvist Renée Copraij Emma Daniel Christine De Smedt Misha Downey Mette Edvardsen Hana Lee Erdman Adriano Wilfert Jensen Sandra Lolax Mark Lorimer Sarah Ludi Moya Michael Clinton Stringer Louise Dahl Rebecka Stillman Hanna Strandberg Else Tunemyr Alexandra Tveit.

46 is a dance created in the context of Skymningen supported by The Swedish Art Council.
46 is part of the project Vandrare/Håp supported be The Norwegian Art Council